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Concierge Care

Redcross Concierge is a unique brand of personalized health care founded in 2005 by Ken Redcross, M.D., providing more than the basic medical services provided in physicians’ private offices and outpatient clinics.

Redcross Concierge is the future of healthcare, as it allows patients to have 24-7 access to the physician. The goal of Redcross Concierge is to enhance medical access and improve the doctor-patient relationship, which has deteriorated over the past several years. The pressure placed on the medical infrastructure has resulted in long patient waits, difficultly scheduling appointments, and disturbingly shortened patient visits.

Redcross Concierge believes in correcting this trend by changing the landscape of healthcare. The concept of concierge medicine has grown out of the concern of physicians who are frustrated with the rapidly changing healthcare system. Redcross Concierge fosters a caring, trusting relationship between a patient and physician by providing services that allow patients to have confidence in their healthcare.

Services include an annual physical exam, personal health records, personal assistance with referral to specialists, access to physician via private cell phone, confidential email access for non-emergency medical consultations, confidential office consultations, homeopathic therapeutic options, wellness calls, house calls, work calls and prescription refills when necessary.

We enhance medical access and improve the doctor-patient relationship.

Why Concierge Healthcare

  • Direct access to doctor
  • 24/7 Care
  • Caring, trusting relationship
  • Wellness calls
  • House calls
  • Work calls

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Dr. Redcross has been seen on TV, listened to on the radio, and looked up to by countless concierge clients.

Board-Certified Internal Medicine, he takes an integrative, holistic approach to wellness.

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