Stress Survival Skills

Stress Survival Skills

Dr. Ken Redcross shares with Late Night host, Mark Alyn, that short-term stress can make you more susceptible to illness, but chronic stress can be the source of major diseases including colds and infections, heart problems and coronary diseases, diabetes, obesity, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. He says that if stress is indeed the cause, many of these potentially life-threatening diseases can be avoided in less than 15 minutes a day by adding some simple self-care, stress reduction makeovers to your daily routine.

At the onset of any anxiety, Redcross says creating your own personal self-care system can significantly reduce the cycle of chronic stress and give you a boost of relief when you need it the most. Tune in to Mark Alyn to learn more!

Listen to “Stress Survival Skills (Part 1) – Dr Ken Redcross 12/23/16” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Stress Survival Skills (Part 2) – Dr Ken Redcross 12/23/16” on Spreaker.

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